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Sussana Lang is our featured poet at a very special show.

It is the birthday of legendary guerillia poet Lesley Heath Morrow. In honor of the occasion W4tB will forgo its usual format in favor of the POETRY WHEEL.
THE POETRY WHEEL is a poetic round robin in which each poet tries to connect their poem to the proceeding poem. connections can be complicated or simple, but all connections need to be explained.

that poem contains the word blue and this one is about the blues
that poem has a particular form and so does this one
that poem was about love or death, or anger or politics, or drunken yadda yadda.
all these connections are valid

donations to pay the feature performer will considered a lovely gesture

the new rules 
Things you need to know for the new year:
The show is a monthly event on the 3rd Monday of the month
We are currently residing at the Literary Rendezvous known as
Uncharted Books
2620 N. Milwaukee
Showtime 7-9pm
​Time limits:You have 5 minutes of stage time
Three poems
​Whichever comes first
There will be harsh penalties and social embarrassments for exceeding time limits
Uncharted Books is a level 3 Safer Space
Oppressive behavior is not welcome in this space.
We define oppressive behavior as that which antagonizes people that are in a lesser position of power, whether it be violence predicated upon gender, sexual orientation, race, physical ability, class, social status, or other characteristics. 
If someone has vocalized that your presence makes them uncomfortable due to past harm, or violates their safety, you will be preemptively asked not to attend by the organizers of the event, or asked to leave at the space.  
Someone who lives at or runs this space or event is directly involved with the Chicago Feminist Writers & Artists group. We are here to support self-empowerment and safety.